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This is SO COOL!!!

When I use wave files it just plays white noise/static

sorry about that! we have a fix for it now, hopefully up soon! and a huge amount of other updates too :)

Looking forward to it. ANy chance there might be an actual player for the  music so we have controls (play, stop, pause, etc)?  Also, when I recorded one of my videos there was no audio. It there a setting for this or do I have to  align the audio back up with the video after the render? 

I'm really digging  the program direction and  I'm happy to be part of the launch. I hope I don't sound unappreciative. 


oh man, that's a great idea... have to add that next week. also going to try adding sound trigger by music. :O

Hi, I think I read somewhere that you are working on a Mac release, is this correct?

If so when do you expect it to be?


Yes, here is the Mac build, latest version. But we have an update coming soon too :)

is the update at this link? 




Very nice. Tried it out last night. Looking forward to how this progresses. 


Absolutely Amazing. What technique did you use for mesh generation?

there are a bunch of models that are used as a base that are included, and you can load your own models to do crazy things with. Thanks!