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Fun little game, but I'm not sure why it asks for stuff like access to files and contacts.  I rejected both and the game worked fine...



This game request permission to features that it has no place trying to access. These include contacs, SMS, Camera, Microphone, Body sensors and microphone. None of these are related to the game or gameplay, and thus makes the whole apk rather suspicious. This might also be related to the game locking up for some people. So... I'd suggest removing these permission requirements.


It worked at first, but then never open past the game menu again.

Same issue. I had to cancel mid-run and then the "PLAY" button stopped working permanently. At best it only produced an audio sound and I could never resume nor restart my run.

Purchased in the BRJE bundle, thanks for putting it in! I just have one issue, I don't have an android device. How do I play it? I'd rather not have to purchase it again on my iPhone just so I can play it.

Use something like Bluestack

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The version of the app on your download page frequently soft locks at the title screen and requires an uninstall. Everything works except the "Play" button. It also cannot connect to Google Play. I believe these issues are caused because the version you provide looks like it was intended to work with Amazon's version of Android.

Edit: I would also like to say that this game is great! If it weren't for the crashing/soft-locks, it'd be perfect!